Body Shaving Services

Body Shaving Services

We offer a wide range of additional services which include both Manscaping, Body Shaving, and Brazilians. All of these terms are synonyms with each other and we can tailor any of them for your personal needs.

Manscaping is a relatively new term and has been popularized through Social Networks. The term manscaping is up in the same lexicon as: ‘Mannies, Mandals, and Manifications”. Often associated with the metrosexual movement in the early 2000’s, men of all nationalities and age demographics enjoy the benefits of being handsomely groomed.

Top 7 reasons why body shaving and manscaping is popular?

1. Women prefer men who are groomed and appear clean! It says a lot about them both on the inside and the outside!
2. Shaving is hygienic.
3. Shaving off body hair accentuate muscle definition.
4. Women do like a bit of hair in the right places, but a forest can result in a fire.
5. Your junk will appear larger as a tree always look taller in a desert than it does a forest.
6. A hairy back is just unattractive.
7. Women enjoy kissing a man, but women do not get turned on by the idea of picking floss out their teeth.

Our body shaving services are professional and clean. These services can feel intimate and often related to being sensual; yet, our goal is to offer you professional body shaving services only!

*Cost for services can vary depending on amount of services / hair requested for removal ($60-100).

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