Rules For Cuddle Therapy Sessions:

1. All touch will be done with nonsexual intent.
2. If you have physical reaction in the cuddle session, it’s okay.
3. Basic tank top and shorts, and/or workout clothing attire is the minimum.
4. Hands are to remain outside of clothing at all times.
5. No tickling.
6. Good hygiene, including but not limited to: Showering, brushed teeth within 8
hours of session. Freshly laundered clothing and little to no cologne is allowed.
This applies to both cuddlers during the time of the session.
7. Both parties will remain clothed at all times and if one must change attire, this
must be done privately.
8. Cancellation must be given 4 hours before scheduled time. If you miss your
appointment, then you may be refused to all services until further notice.

I understand and agree to the following

1. No sexual contact of any sort. It is only platonic.
2. Sexual contact includes but not limited to, kissing, hip movement in a forward
and backward motion.

Severe offenses

If a client is to commit a serious offense, the cuddler will immediately end the session
and no refund will be given. He/She will be placed on the block list. In case of sexual
assault, the client will be reported to the authorities.
Sexual assault is to be defined as forcing the cuddler into sexual activity.


The client agrees hereby to indemnify and hold harmless the cuddler from any and all
claims by the client from any liability.

Contact Us

Thank you for connecting with us! I would love to hear from you and assist you in customizing your Cuddling, Therapeutic, and Connection needs. We value our clients and all communication will be kept discreet for your safety and ours.

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Business Hours: 9:00a-9:00p M-F, 9a-2p S-S